Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Heyaa peeps,
I think it's been a month (maybe) I'm not writing any on this page.
But anyway, on 27th of November 2013, me and my friends went to A'Famosa Waterpark.
It was one of my happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy day of my life babeyyyyyyyy <3

I don't know how to describe it, but it was a very happy and kinda tired a little bit.
But, who cares ? Enjoy your young life teenagers :]
Btw, these are some of the pics that we captured that day :]

This is me and Fazie, my BFF SAMPAI MATI ! Hahaha, we were on our way to A'Famosa Waterpark at this time.

So bored, so I took a picture of me, Tyka Kama and Suria :]

Seriously, we were so bored of waiting our friends. Lambat macam siput nyot-nyot :3
So, we just chillax at a lovely place not far from the waterpark.

There's a lot more of our pics, but they were so, kinda ..... private.
So, whatever.

Haha, the three guys up there, they were very happening that day. They make my day, seriously guys, I kinda miss you guys :']
The left one : He's my special >.< He is Shahmi. Berkepit je masa harituh :]
At the middle : OMG I forgot his name, but he was very talkaltive. Kinda want to give a slap on his face, okay I'm joking. Dia suka ejek aku sebab aku paling banyak jerit waktu main gelongsor. Dia tak sedar dia jerit minta ampun kat nenek -_-''
The right : Hm, how to describe him? Paling dajal laaaa. Suka mendajal orang weii :[ Dia buli aku habis-habis. Kuwajakkkk. Btwm he is Alif Al-fadh. Masuk air >.<

Okay, this is Ejad. Abam hot SMKDHTK / KVDSMZ. Berkepit jugak dengan aku harituh. Btw, he's so kind. I like to be friends with him :]

Ehh, Alif Al-fadh again. Brr ~

The KV Boys : Eyunos, Dodi, Sham and Ayien.

Seriously, he's charming :]

I'm done, bye fellas :)

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