Saturday, 13 July 2013


Hi, long time no see. Okay, just the same words I've been using since ... okay, already forgotten.

Heyy, guess what ? Now, I'm in college !! Fine Eiqa, fine !! Baru sekarang nak bagitahu ?? Batak-batak -,-''

But, who cares. Back to my story. Now, I study in Dato' Undang Haji Muhamad Sharip Vocational College ( Kolej Vokasional Dato' Undang Haji Muhamad Sharip ) in Rembau, Negeri Serembilan. I'm a Negerian now. Mention it again, I'm a NEGERIAN, not a NIGERIAN.

I took the Culinary Arts course. Yeahh, I'm going to be a chef or baker or both or ahhh ! I just wanna open up a bakery + cafe. Oh wait, I'm going to open a coffee house, yeah ! Pray for me okay ! :]

I'm in Semester 2 now, and this sem has put a lot of work towards me. Why ? There's a lot of theory rather than practical. And, hurmm .. I don't get Semester 1 result yet and it feels so bad.

Omaiigodd. I have a lot of stories to tell but how ? The college don't allowed us to bring any gadget, even a LAPTOP ! What ?!! I feel very terrible about it. Kinda regret going to the college.

New college, new friends. I made a lot of friends there. But, living in hostel teach me a lot to pick the right friends to be friend with. And I learned that, what's friends really are. They maybe look sweet like candies in front of you, but did you know what they do at your back ? It feels like hell when you know the person you trust the most, STABBED YOUR BACK !

Anyway, I hope the new college bring goods to me. :]

I'm writing while listening to this. I love you Kurt <3

p/s : I've deleted all my stupid recent posts. Arghh, bye :3

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