Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Hello peeps,
I have a blog, I have a diary. And I don't know where to write my story.
I know it's not a big problem. But for me, it's kinda big :/
Haha, stop it.

Okay, well actually my diary is not just ME written in it, but also my hubby.
Which is kinda boring cause all the things that have been wrote in it is all about US.
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!

I'm kinda sick and bored.
So, from now on. I have decided that, THAT DIARY IS NO LONGER ABOUT US, BUT IT'S ABOUT MY LIFE, MY FEELINGS AND MY STORY !! Jyeahhh babeyyy :3

My friends once told me, they never read my diary cause I forbid them to read. WTH -.-
And one of them don't want to read it cause the diary made her ticklish. HAHA -.-
Don't worry guys, from now on, you all can enjoy my diary freely without any hesitation.

Hm, my lovely blog.
Maybe I'll write on you every holidayyy :3
Love yaa.

Bye fellas :]

Btw, these are my closest friends in college. Ilovethemverymuch :*